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Let’s Encrypt plugin available for OPNsense

July 6th, 2017 1 comment

A Let’s Encrypt plugin for OPNsense was released back in january. It enables you to configure Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates from within the OPNsense WebGUI:

Not only is it one of the most comfortable ways to get free SSL certificates, it also integrates nicely with the HAProxy plugin for OPNsense:

The Let’s Encrypt plugin will automatically extend the HAProxy configuration and it will even verify that nothing was deleted and adds missing configuration items for you.

Don’t want to use HTTP-01 validation? Not an issue! The plugin supports a large number of DNS providers and services:

Naturally all SSL certificates are automatically imported into OPNsense’s certificate manager and may be used in multiple plugins and applications.

The awesome OPNsense users helped to iron out a few bugs and the plugin is mature enough for use in production environments. Of course, the plugin follows OPNsense security principles: ACME challenges are handled by a dedicated web service – the OPNsene GUI is never exposed to the

HAProxy plugin available for OPNsense

May 25th, 2016 Comments off

OPNsense, the open source firewall, just received it’s own HAProxy plugin, a GUI for the popular HAProxy load balancer. And today’s release of OPNsense 16.1.15 included the first batch of bugfixes and improvements.

While OPNsense already includes a load balancer based on OpenBSD’s relayd, the new HAProxy plugin allows for far more complex configurations and has a superior feature-set. HAProxy’s features include SSL offloading, Lua scripting, extensive header manipulation and many more. It’s known for being a very fast and reliable solution.

The new HAProxy plugin integrates nicely with the OPNsense GUI and makes it easy to build complex HAProxy configurations:



The development was sponsored by You can find the original pull request along with some additional information here. Please submit bug reports and feature requests on GitHub.

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