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HAProxy plugin available for OPNsense

May 25th, 2016

OPNsense, the open source firewall, just received it’s own HAProxy plugin, a GUI for the popular HAProxy load balancer. And today’s release of OPNsense 16.1.15 included the first batch of bugfixes and improvements.

While OPNsense already includes a load balancer based on OpenBSD’s relayd, the new HAProxy plugin allows for far more complex configurations and has a superior feature-set. HAProxy’s features include SSL offloading, Lua scripting, extensive header manipulation and many more. It’s known for being a very fast and reliable solution.

The new HAProxy plugin integrates nicely with the OPNsense GUI and makes it easy to build complex HAProxy configurations:



The development was sponsored by markt.de. You can find the original pull request along with some additional information here. Please submit bug reports and feature requests on GitHub.

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