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You should try OPNsense, a pfSense fork

January 13th, 2015 Comments off

OPNsense® is a fork of pfSense®, the popular open-source firewall. Deciso founded the OPNsense project with emphasis on community and openness. Their mission statement sums it up quite nicely:

Give users, developers and businesses a friendly, stable and transparent environment.
Make OPNsense the most widely used open source security platform.

OPNsense 15.1 is the first release by the OPNsense project. It offers noticable enhancements:

  • New and much improvement WebGUI
  • Whole codebase is under simple 2-clause BSD license
  • Based on FreeBSD 10.0 (VirtIO support, improved Hardware support, etc.)
  • Obsoletes legacy packages in favor of pkg(ng)

You can download it here. You may report bugs and request features on GitHub. Of course, there are also several mailing lists and a forum available.

OPNsenseOPNsense logo and navbar

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