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pfSense: Unattended installation with Foreman

September 4th, 2014 Comments off

As you may know, Foreman is probably the lifecycle management tool for virtual and physical servers. And it already supports a rather large number of different operating systems. Lately it got support to provision FreeBSD servers and this brought up the idea to add support for pfSense firewalls as well.

First of all: This project was a success. It is now possible to automatically deploy pfSense with Foreman. I’ve created a small video to showcase the deployment of pfSense using Foreman:

The video may not be very entertaining, but it should give you an impression on how the unattended installation works (even if you don’t know Foreman yet).

You can download the required Foreman templates from Github. You may also want to have a look at the Foreman Documentation to find out how to add these templates to your instance of Foreman.

What are the benefits?
– do fully unattended installations of pfSense
– in conjunction with Puppet it allows you to automate basically every task (full lifecycle management)
– choose from different versions of pfSense according to your needs

How does it work?
– it assumes you want to use The Foreman to provision your servers
– it assumes that pfSense can be automatically provisioned similar to FreeBSD
– on top of that assumption it’s basically a set of patches for the pfSense Installer
– it assumes you want to use Puppet with pfSense

Feedback or contributions? Please use the Github issue tracker.